Family Business Health Assessment

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1.Founder, or current leader primary focus is developing leadership depth.

2.Founder, or current leader has codified and written down the key markers of success for your business and everyone is focused on them.

3.Founder, or current leader has codified and written down the core values for your organization which everyone in the business uses to make decisions.

4.Founder, or current leader has long term plan in place for succession.

5.Founder, or current leader has developed a collaborative and inclusive communication style or utilizes facilitators to support him with it.

6.Next generation is contributing at a high level and processes competence and congruence in their own leadership skills.

7.Next generation leader possess a high level of influence in the organization.

8.Next generation leaders are well liked and respected by the leadership team and staff.

9.Next generation leaders, possess a high level of awareness and a growth mindset.

10. Next generation leaders honor and preserve the legacy of the founders and the organization.

11. Organization sees a clear, sustainable path to profitability and cash flow.

12. There are no icebergs in the market place that are probable in the foreseeable future, that would disrupt the organization significantly.

13. There is a high level organization alignment between the people, culture and performance of the organization.

14. There is a high level of organization clarity and ownership of the staff of what they are responsible for and what they are delivering and how.

15. Easy to understand, visual scoreboards are utilized for measurement of critical driver organizational activities that ensure high performance culture.